Flooded Basement remodel - Englewood Cliffs - 000

Englewood Cliffs, NJ Flooded Basement Remodel

Type of reno: New Additions, Basement Remodeling

Project Description

How they found us: We were recommended by former clients.

Issue: Her whole neighborhood was flooded, including her 2,500 sq ft basement where the water got to the ceiling level. When we got there, the place was completely gutted and dried by an insurance company.

Client’s wish: Complete basement remodel. She wanted to improve what she had before the flooding, which was an entertainment space where she hosted lots of family and friends parties.

Argen Build’s solution:

  • A large family – game room, where we installed some funky lighting effects.
  • A home theater room, where we recessed a large TV, installed a hidden sound system, and a nice electric fireplace.
  • A Bar area: with custom-built cabinetry, a lot of lighting and a wall fireplace.
  • A Gym room: where we wrapped all walls with mirrors and installed a mat floor
  • A full bathroom: with a very nice vanity cabinet, and a backlighted countertop and mirror.
  • We also refinished the basement stairs with a glass railing.

The whole process was fan because the owner had a lot of requirements, but was open to suggestions. All the time she had a request, we gave her a few options on how to do it and she picked what she wanted.

Client’s opinion:

In the end, the place was better than she expected it to be, all in a really short period of time.


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