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New Addition Services

A home addition is a significant project for enhancing an existing home by adding finished living space. 

Whether it’s a deck, finishing the basement or the attic, adding an extra bedroom, an in-law suite, a playroom, a music room, a home office or a garage, we’ve been there to make it happen for families like yours, with our Person-2-Person guidance. 


Our passion lies in designing and building projects that encompass multiple spaces, where we get the chance to collaborate with our clients from the initial concept to the completion. 

If you want to know how Argen Build could help you add that needed extra space to your home, contact us today.


Versatile Solutions for Every Need

Attic/Basement Conversion

The attic and the basement conversions are ideal for adding living space without altering the home’s footprint. 

However, the attic or basement must meet specific structural requirements to be transformed into code-approved living areas. Adequate ceiling height and floor and ceiling structures that meet engineering standards are necessary to support the structural loads of active living spaces.

You need seasoned professionals to undergo this project. 

The Argen Build team is ready to put all their experience at your disposal.


Custom Solutions

Conventional House Addition

Our team specializes in Conventional House Additions for major, multi-room home additions. That is when you plan for an in-law suite or a guest house without using any existing structure. 

These additions come with all the challenges and requirements of constructing an entire house. We have the experience and knowledge to tackle these complex projects and ensure that every aspect meets the highest quality and security standards.

From Concept to Completion

Garage Conversion

Contrary to what some might think, garage conversions are subject to the same building codes and permit requirements as any other construction project. 

Typically, they involve extensive excavation, foundation work, and the involvement of subcontractors for tasks such as wiring, plumbing, and HVAC installation. 

At Argen Build, we coordinate with all subcontractors to ensure a smooth process.

A garage conversion is an ideal option for those looking to add a significant amount of living space without breaking the bank. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used to create in-law suites or additional rooms within the existing structure.


Collaboration with Architects and Designers


When working on new additions, we collaborate closely with our clients’ architects and designers in New Jersey. 

We maintain constant and clear communication to stay within budget and effectively manage any unexpected challenges that may arise. 

Whether it’s an unforeseen situation or a change in scope requested by our clients, we approach each project with experience, adaptability and transparency.

Experience with 203k Renovations


We have experience working with 203k Renovations, providing expertise in handling complex renovation projects that require financing. 

Our team is equipped to navigate the unique challenges associated with these types of renovations.

Beyond Professionalism

Trust, Honesty, and Transparency

At Argen Build, we value more than just professional expertise. 

We strive to establish a strong rapport with our clients. 

Trust, honesty, transparency, experience, efficiency, responsibility, courtesy, and effective communication are some of the key attributes that define our approach as a contractor.